News from the District’s Operator

To the Board of Big Oaks MUD:

Good evening guys, I have great news to report on your plants.  The water has receded and there is very little damage to either facility.  The water plant is completely operational with no defects from the flood, just minor debris clean up around site and building. The sewer plant upon me arriving was completely drained of water and still operating as if it was a normal day; the blowers appear to have not been submerged and the control panel had only submerged about a foot and operating properly! The on site lift station was ¾ full but both pumps were pumping.  I had to walk in the streets are still flooded. I found myself in about waist deep water and all of those manhole are still under water and taking in water flooding the collection system! The sun was out most of the day so that means clean up begins, hopefully by Friday the district will be completely drained and you all can be back to your homes and start the cleanup process. Please again know if there is anything I can do to help with that I will, praying for you all in this tough time!

Michael Williams
Municipal Operations & Consulting Inc.