Debris Pick-Up


The County will coordinate debris removal efforts for all unincorporated areas and with our partnering jurisdictions. It is important that residents abide by the debris sorting guidelines provided below and at These guidelines include separating your debris into categories (Separating Your Debris) never using trash or plastic bags for this debris, placing debris piles at the curb or roads edge, and restrictions on county officials entering private property. If your cars are parked on the street the trucks will not be able to pick up your debris. Please move your vehicles off the street so the trucks can pick up your debris. Fort Bend County officials will be working hard for many weeks to collect and properly dispose of the Hurricane Harvey debris. We greatly appreciate your help in making this process a success. For any additional questions for Fort Bend County please call (281)342-6185.

If you need assistance cleaning your house after the floods, call Crisis Cleanup at 844-965-1386 to request a volunteer team to come help you. If you are able to help your neighbors with cleanup, the safest and most efficient way to get connected is through Volunteer Houston, or another cleanup organization you may already have a relationship with. More information about getting help with clean-up or volunteering to help others with clean-up can be found at

Separating Your Debris