Sheriff and Community Patrols

Effective September 30, 2020, the Board of Directors of Big Oaks MUD terminated its contract with the Fort Bend County Precinct 2 Constable’s Office and entered into a contract with the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office for supplemental Sheriff’s Deputy Patrols in Big Oaks MUD. This includes the Twin Oaks Village and West Oaks Village subdivisions.

These supplemental patrols are in addition to the regular Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office services provided across the County.

In an emergency, call 911. In non-emergency situations, call the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Dispatch operator at (281) 341-4665.

Fort Bend County has an excellent website for the Sheriff’s Department at

Below are highlights concerning the Sheriff’s Office’s services.

Residential Risk Assessment

The crime prevention unit of the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office has a program called “Residential Risk Assessment.” The purpose of this program is to inform the public of measures that can be taken to improve their home and personal safety.

The Residential Risk Assessment will be performed by a uniformed Officer from the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Crime Prevention Unit. The Officer will not create any official assessment documentation or record. Most homeowners choose to take notes for their own benefit.

During the assessment, the Officer will point out vulnerable areas in and around the residence that might be considered appealing for the criminal element.

To participate in the program, please contact Crime Prevention personnel of the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office via email at Alternatively, you may call (281) 238-1536 or (281) 238-1530.

This is a FREE service provided to the residents of Fort Bend County.

Home Alarm Systems

The link to registration information and regulations for Home Alarm Systems is:

Vacation/House Watch Service

The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office can check your residence when you are on vacation. This service is available for Fort Bend County residents only. The link to the Sheriff’s Office Vacation/House Watch Service is:

Additional Notes

The following has been adapted from an article provided by Sgt. Matthew Hricko with the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office.

It takes less than one minute for a thief to open your car and ransack the entire contents. Here are some important tips to help prevent a burglary of a motor vehicle:

  1. Keep your vehicle LOCKED and windows rolled up.
  2. LOCK your vehicle and do not store valuables in your vehicle. You cannot be a victim of theft if they have nothing to take.
  3. LOCK your vehicle and park in well-lit areas.
  4. LOCK your vehicle and arm it with a security system.
  5. Think about where your keep your spare keys. Do you have your spare keys hanging on a key rack? Do contract workers walk by your keys and have the opportunity to take them without your knowing? Secure your spare keys and then go LOCK your vehicle.
  6. Before you go to bed LOCK your vehicle and check again that it is LOCKED.

So now that you have LOCKED your vehicles and gone inside, let’s discuss when to contact the Sheriff’s Office:

  1. Any suspicious activity. If it’s late at night and you see anyone walking around your neighborhood, contact the Sheriff’s Office. We will politely make contact and ensure it is just your neighbors enjoying a late night stroll.
  2. You hear alarms being set off in the neighborhood. Anytime you hear a car or house alarm at night do not hesitate to contact the Sheriff’s Office to check the area. Please DO NOT wait till the morning. We cannot be everywhere at once and need your help.
  3. Anytime you hear the sound of broken glass at night. Many times it happens and people do not call the police.
  4. Any of the three above mentioned activities combined with numerous dogs barking. If your area begins erupting with abnormal animal activity, call and have a Deputy check the area.

Are you still wary about contacting the Sheriff’s Office and upsetting your neighbors?

  • Ask the Dispatcher to allow you to remain “anonymous”.
  • When the Dispatcher asks, say “no contact desired”.
  • The Sheriff’s Deputy will check the area. Whether or not he/she locates something, the Deputy will continue on patrolling without contacting you.

Hiring a Contractor

Whenever you are repairing, adding, or upgrading, there is a good chance you will be hiring some contractors for assistance. Many felony thefts reported in Fort Bend County have had a private/independent contractor as a suspect.

The Better Business Bureau has stated that when hiring a house cleaner, worker, or contractor, you should verify that they are licensed, bonded and insured. Verify that the information they provide is legitimate and current. The following link from the Federal Trade Commission may be very helpful:

If you have to provide a contractor a key to your residence for a lengthy job, consider changing your locks after the job is done. When planning a home remodeling or repair project, remember to do your homework and hire responsibly.