Changes to the Costs Born by Big Oaks MUD and the HOAs

West Oaks Village HOA and Twin Oaks Village HOA have meters that measure the water they use on their respective HOA properties. As set by the original Developers of West Oak Village and Twin Oaks Village, both HOAs have for many years been charged a fixed monthly flat rate of $5 per HOA irrigation meter regardless of their actual water usage. This resulted in Big Oaks MUD heavily subsidizing HOA water usage.

After careful review, the Big Oaks MUD Board of Directors has adopted rates for the HOA irrigation meters that reflect their actual water usage. Beginning in January, 2023, each HOA irrigation meter rate will match the tiered rates applied to single-family residences within the MUD.

  • Tiered rates increase as more water is being used; users of large amounts of water pay incrementally more per gallon.
  • Using tiered rates is common practice for many water districts and is intended to encourage optimal water management by larger users.
  • This change means that both HOAs will receive an increase in their monthly water bills.

To help the HOAs offset the increase in their water costs, the MUD is absorbing two other expenses previously born by the HOAs. Historically, both HOAs have paid a proportional share of the costs related to the Contract Deputy patrols and the mosquito control services. Going forward, Big Oaks MUD is taking full financial responsibility for the Contract Deputy patrols and the mosquito control services; the two HOAs will no longer pay any part of the costs for those two services.