Jordan Elementary Sidewalk Repair

The sidewalk failure on the south side of Jordan Elementary is due to an underlying slope failure; it is more than a typical sidewalk failure. Simply re-pouring the sidewalk would not fix the underlying issue. The MUD’s Board of Directors directed the District’s Engineer to find a safe and long-lasting solution.

The Engineer performed tests and collected soil samples to determine the reason for the slope failure as well as an optimal repair. The MUD District then faced multiple supply chain issues as well as concerns from Fort Bend ISD about potential heavy construction during school hours. These issues have caused delays in completion of the project.

As of late October, the contractor has completed the rebuild of the slope. Concrete work is expected to begin shortly thereafter.

Big Oaks MUD would like to remind residents that ensuring repairs are completed in a safe and long-lasting manner can be time consuming. The Board asks for continued patience while the District focuses on the completion of the project.