Surveying for Water Lines in West Oaks Village

As part of the proposed replacement of aging water lines owned by Big Oaks MUD within the boundaries of West Oaks Village, IDS Engineering Group (the District’s Engineer) crews will be surveying throughout West Oaks Village starting the week of August 1st and extending through October, 2023. The actual water line upgrades won’t occur until a later date yet to be determined.

For now, West Oaks Village residents can expect to see the Engineer’s crews surveying public road Right-of-Way, utilities located within the Right-of-Way, and any front lot easements, sidewalks, and front property boundaries. Minor digging may be necessary to locate property corners, but rest assured that any damages will be repaired.

The surveying will be limited to West Oaks Village. Twin Oaks Village was built with newer PVC lines and will not be part of this project. The District will be providing additional updates relating to this project as they become available. Additional questions may be directed to IDS Engineering Group at (713) 462-3178.